Tania Mendoca

Tania Mendonca will be joining us! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of learning with this top class Angolan instructor!

As most Angolans,Tania has danced Kizomba with family and friends most of her life, but it was in 2010 now resident in UK, that she started to share her knowledge and teach Kizomba outside the community. As a Angolan, Kizomba is more than a dance, it is her culture. Founder of Kizomba Reading, co-founder of Kizomba4Life charity and HBT events, Tania always took on the responsibility of spreading her culture not only by teaching the dance but with the main focus on the music and its artists, as it is the music and its lyrics the most important character of Kizomba movement. 

On her most recent project “About Kizomba”, Tania shares the “ins” and “outs” of the history and its importance through the struggles of the Angolan people during the civil war and masses of immigrations of the PALOP communities to Portugal. 

Twice nominated for best Kizomba teacher by The UK Lucas Awards, Tania is an highly reputable Instructor in the UK, sought to teach Internationally at various Congresses and Festivals, focusing in sharing her knowledge of Kizomba on its most original form.