Shika Jay

Shika Jay’s main motto is Music is the Heartbeat. In her dancing and instruction she strives to put an emphasis on concepts, musicality and technique.

Shika Jay has several initiatives happening in the dance scene. She is the organizer of OneKiz Festival. She also co-organizes a FEM-C Taxi Team. She was recognized for her dance skills at the Olympiads of Kizomba North American Qualifications 2018, winning the title as the Overall Champions of 2018 with Ab. 1st place in Urban and Sensual Categories; and 2nd place in Tarrax/Tarraxinha.

Shika Jay has been dancing practically all her life. Entering hip hop competitions as early as her elementary school years. This quickly taught her how to train, perform, and choreograph dances. She has over 20 years of dance training in several styles of dance including ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, hip hop, and afro rhythms. Shika has been featured in dances with companies such as Dallas Black Dance Theater; and, has trained with instructors from companies like Deeply Rooted, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Alvin Ailey’s Dance Company.

She also has over 10 years of teaching dances across several styles to varying age limits. She’s spent the last couple of years training in and teaching Urban, Kizomba, and Tarraxa in several countries. She’s trained with, taking classes and privates from several high level instructors in Urban, Kizomba, Semba, and Tarraxa as well as other partner dances.

Shika Jay’s love, passion, and appreciation for Kizomba continues to grow daily; and, she desires to continue to spread her love of dance with others nationally and internationally.

~Music is the Heartbeat~