Mike Ahombi

Mike Tudu Ahombi is a dancer born in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo. From a early he has been involved in dancing from Afrobeat to Hip hop through Ndombolo. Mike’s french background, exposed him to Ghetto Zouk music and dance since the age of 12.

In 2014, Mike moved to the United States to obtain a Bachelor in Business. Little did he know, that he would also elevate within the Urban Kizomba scene as one of the upcoming Leads in the nation. His ears have been naturally trained to the musicality and his focus is mainly on how can follows fully become free on the dance floor while being led.

One of Mike’s mottos is “5 star or failed,” meaning that Quality over anything. He has had the privilege of training with the best instructors of ballroom dance, which has allowed him to recognize each student as unique, while still teaching to the masses.

As a teacher, he is conscious of various type of learners. Currently based in Ottawa ON, finishing a finance degree.
He offers lessons and trainings in KIZOMBA, URBANKIZ,TARRAXHINA AND TARRAXO.