Frances Tee

Frances Tee began dancing at age 11. She started with ballet after watching the Dance of the Hours in Walt Disney’s Fantasia and continued to study jazz through college. She discovered partner dancing at MIT with basic ballroom and hasn’t stopped partner dancing since. Her first immersion started with Lindy Hop and other swing variations along with sampling other ballroom styles and Argentinian Tango. Coming to Seattle in 2007, she picked up Salsa dancing and Bachata and continues to explore different social dances to improve her connection to music and her partner. In 2010, Frances discovered Kizomba and decided she needed more people to dance Kizomba with. She is instrumental in the growth and popularity of Kizomba in Seattle. She has traveled locally and internationally to teach and perform Kizomba. She believes there’s a dancer inside everyone just waiting to bust out and the through dance you can learn about yourself, about expressing to music and connecting with other people.