Berto & Zuzana

The Amabo team presents the dance couple Berto & Zuzana.

ZUZANA was a high level gymnast in her youth. She has a background as a ballet dancer and gogo dancer. She started dancing Kizomba 3 years ago and specialized in Semba a year ago with Berto. Zuzana met Berto while she was attending a festival in Italy and they have trained together ever since. They continue an adventure full of surprises and crazy encounters in the artistic world.

BERTO teaches Kizomba, Semba, and Tarraxinha. As a little boy he was surrounded by music and had grown up in an environment of Caribbean dances, such as Zouk, Kompa, and Dancehall. His first hour of Kizomba was with Tony Pirata in Paris in 2010. He trained diligently and won his first Kizomba contest in Paris. Later, after a 4-day intensive course with the best teachers of Angolan origin in Portugal, including Petchu, Vanessa, Paulo Cruz, etc., he won his first semi-competition in Lisbon. He then participated in Africa Dancar competition in Paris. His specialty is Kizomba, Semba, and Tarraxinha. With dance, he has traveled to many places including Italy, Oslo, Haiti, Guyana, Croatia, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, France, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Slovakia, IBIZA to name a few. He continues his passion to teach and to give the best of himself and all the love he has for this dance.