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Presented by Century Ballroom and Karga Productions

The name AMABO comes from the Cabo Verde criol word for love.

That is what this event is all about for us – love of Kizomba, love of the Seattle dance community, and love of our extended Kizomba family across the world.

Seattle’s kizomba community was established in 2011, and has now become one of the most vibrant and welcoming dance communities in the US. We want you to experience our family for the weekend. Think of it like a Kizomba family reunion! We will be intentionally limiting ticket numbers because we want this to be the kind of event where you leave with new friends.

Get ready for three nights of parties and two days of workshops at the historic Century Ballroom. You can even extend your trip and stay for Seattle’s legendary Monday Night Practica.

Join us and see why partying with the Seattle Kizomba family is an experience unlike any other. We can’t wait to welcome you to our town!

about iamge


Century Ballroom was founded in 1997 to promote social dancing of all kinds. Our community of instructors, staff and clients welcome and encourage any and everyone to come out dancing.

about iamge


Karga productions is a dynamic trio made up of Heather Carter, Jean Richard Desire, and Emily Gibson. They have traveled all around the US and other countries to enjoy and share their passion of Kizomba. These three met while dancing in Seattle, and this is where they have chosen to host Amabo. Seattle has such a unique Kizomba scene that they wanted to share that energy with you all. Come and share with us this unique adventure that is Kizomba.