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Technical Details Reference Guide

In this section of learning, we will cover the specifications and terms of detail used to describe and differentiate Urban Ambiance lighting fixtures.  We will cover a lot of ground here, from assembly and installation specs, to mounting and electrical details.

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Fixture Body Measurements

Fixture body height, width, and depth measurements are essential dimensions that define the physical presence and spatial fit of lighting fixtures. 

Height refers to the vertical extent from the base to the top of the fixture body.  This measurement includes any parts affixed to the body itself, including any permanent rods and/or hoops.  It does not, however, include any chain and/or downrods, nor the height of the canopy / ceiling plate.  For this measurement, see Hanging Height (below).

Width is the horizontal measurement across the widest part of the fixture, including any shades/glass. 

Depth is the measurement of the fixture's front-to-back extension into or within a space.  For ceiling-mounted fixtures, it often matches width, however for wall-mounted fixtures, it often exceeds the width because it is inclusive of the backplate (wall plate).

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Min & Max Hanging Height

The “hanging height” of a fixture is measured from the top-most point of the fixture (the canopy, where it makes contact with the ceiling) to the lowest point at the bottom, including any glass/shades/finials which may hang beneath a fixture’s metal body.

Because typical ceiling heights vary from 8 to 10 feet, all Urban Ambiance chandeliers and pendants include a set of downrods and/or a length of chain that allows for adjustable total hanging heights. The minimum hanging height is determined by using just the shortest down stem included and/or by using just a single link of the chain. Conversely, the maximum hanging height is achieved by utilizing all the down stems provided and/or the entire length of the chain.

For those with very high or vaulted ceilings, additional downrods and chain are available for purchase.

Working with Downrods and Chain

Ceiling-hung light fixtures, such as chandeliers and pendants, offer adjustable hanging heights through downrods or chains. This adaptability ensures optimal illumination and aesthetic alignment with various ceiling heights and room sizes, allowing for a customizable installation that can enhance both the functionality and style of a space.

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If your Urban Ambiance fixture includes downrods, it will be packaged with a combination of downrod lengths; usually four 12" lengths, and one 6" length.  You will use as many or as few of these rods as needed to reach your desired hanging height.

During installation, the power wire is fed through each downrod before threading the rods together.  At the top of your last rod, there will be either a short length of chain or a swivel joint.  These allow for the fixture to dangle straight even if your ceiling isn't perfectly flat.

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If your Urban Ambiance fixture is suspended by chain, it will be packaged with enough chain for up to 10-foot or even 12-foot ceilings.

To trim the chain length, use chain pliers.  Open the first and last links from the length you need, removing the excess chain links.  Close the first link onto the I-hook at the top of the fixture, then weave the power wire through each of the links along its length.  Close your last link onto the I-hook of the ceiling canopy.

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Power Wires

The length of the power wire is measured from when it exits the fixture body to its end.  

Fixtures which are mounted directly to the wall or ceiling will usually have a 6" power wire, which provides just the right amount for connections to be made in your junction box without having to trim the wires. 

Urban Ambiance chandeliers and pendants are different.  Often, we ship these with extra-long power wires, sometimes vastly exceeding the hanging height achieved when all chain or downrods are used.  This is to accommodate those with extra high ceilings (wherein additional downrods or chain lengths are purchased) without having to re-wire the fixture.  Customers with standard ceiling heights will simply trim the additional wire to their appropriate length.  Just be sure to account for about 6" beyond your downrods/chain height for connections to be made in your junction box.

Lighting Fixture Location Ratings

All Urban Ambiance lighting fixtures have been tested by the UL or ETL certifying agencies.  This means that they have passed a universal lighting safety inspection, and when intended for damp or wet locations, have been rated for moisture conditions.  The below three ratings reflect this testing.

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Dry-Rated Fixtures

With waterproofing not a factor, dry-rated fixtures are free to be creative and edgy in their design.  Choose a dry-rated fixture for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, kitchen islands or any other space which does not see regular moisture.

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Damp-Rated Fixtures

Damp-rated fixtures require slightly different electrical fittings and seals to be sure that corrosion doesn't become a problem.  Select a damp-rated fixture for areas likely to receive moisture, but not direct rain.  This includes bathrooms, outdoor covered porches, or when installing near a kitchen sink.

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Wet-Rated Fixtures

As implied by the name, wet-rated fixtures are those which can receive direct rain, or sprinkler exposure without hurting the electrical systems.  All Urban Ambiance outdoor wall sconces and post lights are wet-location approved.

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Sloped-Ceiling Compatibility

Urban Ambiance's sloped-ceiling compatible light fixtures are designed to address the challenge of lighting in spaces with vaulted, angled, or uneven ceilings. 

These fixtures typically incorporate a short length of chain or a swivel joint, which is key to their functionality. This mechanism allows the pendant or chandelier to hang vertically, ensuring that it dangles straight down, regardless of the ceiling's angle. 

This adaptability not only solves a practical problem but also opens up the decorative possibilities for spaces with architectural quirks. By ensuring a level hang, these fixtures provide a balanced aesthetic and illumination which is uniform to flat floors, making them ideal any room with sloped ceilings... or rooms with what appear to be flat ceiling, but which aren't actually perfectly flat!

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Reversible Mounting

Reversible wall sconces and bathroom vanity light fixtures offer versatility, allowing homeowners and designers to customize the direction of light according to their specific needs and aesthetic preferences. These fixtures feature a shade nut to tightly secure the glass to the socket so that the fixture can be mounted with the glass and bulb(s) pointing upwards or downwards,  

When mounted with the glass/bulb(s) pointing upwards, the light is diffused towards the ceiling, creating a soft, indirect illumination that adds warmth and depth to the space.  Conversely, mounting the glass/bulb(s) downwards focuses the light directly onto the objects and surface below, which is perfect for tasks requiring more precise lighting, such as applying makeup. This directional lighting is therefore especially beneficial in bathroom vanity lighting.

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Urban Ambiance Light fixtures are designed for the U.S. standard 110/120 voltage.

Our fixtures are engineered to operate efficiently within this standard voltage range, ensuring safety, functionality, and energy efficiency. From elegant chandeliers and wall sconces to practical table lamps and outdoor lighting, these fixtures are available in a wide array of styles and designs, suitable for various settings including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. 

Our factories rigorously our lighting products to ensure that they meet U.S. electrical standards.  As such,  our fixtures carry testing certifications, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories), to guarantee they perform safely under the standard 110/120 voltage supply, providing peace of mind to our consumers.