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Trending Style: California Casual


Trending Style: California Casual

Suppose you're a homeowner who relishes a minimalistic home interior design characterized by wide plank boards, wood tones, leather accents, and oodles of white and tactile textures. In that case, you might already be California Casual-obsessed. "Light," "white," and "airy" are some of the buzzwords you'll hear popping up in conversations referring to this fabulous interior design style. Ready to redefine and refine your interior décor by creating a warm, minimalistic, inviting, modern space? California Casual décor style might just be the design approach that incorporates all the elements that transform your home into the paradise you dream of. This article provides valuable insights into the California Casual style, how it differs from California modern, and how to achieve the California Casual minimalist look.

What's California Casual Decorating Style?

The California Casual décor style is a type of boho interior design that focuses on relaxation and comfort. Therefore, the living space must have a soft and inviting, but also chic, character that creates a cozy and inviting ambiance. Some key elements of a California Casual decorating style include neutral textiles - such as cotton, wool, and silk –natural elements, casual furniture, and a focus on comfort. California Casual doesn't follow the traditional rules of interior design. Still, it leaves room for asymmetrical layouts and large-scale furniture that beautifully contrast with an upholstered ottomans coffee table or side table. The color palette usually features neutral tones, such as white, beige, gray, and soft hues of blue. You can also add pops of subdued colors with accent elements like throw pillows or floor rugs.

The Difference between California Casual and California Modern

California Modern describes the modernist architectural movement that evolved in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas, from the 1930s through the 1960s. The hallmarks of this design style emphasize indoor-outdoor living, rectilinear structures (often made of steel frames), open plans, and extensive use of glass. While California Casual focuses on a monochrome palette and bold ceilings, California Modern extends the palette of materials and textures. That includes anything from wrought iron and other materials, faux and natural furs, sustainably-sourced leathers and hides, and a collection of natural fibers and grasses.

The California style also has a distinct coastal feel, especially when the casual style meets the modern design. The latter complements the former by creating an eco-friendly and natural-looking kitchen or living space that seamlessly transitions to outdoor dining or lounging spaces.

"... the living space must have a soft and inviting, but also chic, character that creates a cozy and inviting ambiance."

Top 3 Interior Design Trends in 2023

The interior design landscape has drastically changed over the last decade. Gone are the days when grassroots design movements shaped the central ideas upon which home elements are organized in interior improvement projects. Today, the latest trends interior décor styles are highly hinged on design magazines, popular fashion channels, and social apps like Instagram. So, here are the top three trends in interior design right now:

Monochrome Color Palette

This interior design trend focuses on the classic elegance of a monochrome color palette, particularly black and white. Black window fixtures, lighting elements, and furniture details all conform to this interior design trend. We may have borrowed this interior-design color palette from traditional Scandinavian dwellings – which basically included black and white patterns, decorative objects, prints, and accessories – but they've stood the test of time, and today, designers and consumers are focusing are becoming more inclined to use them for a minimalistic, clutter-free and organized interior space.

For instance, white walls have become a trend in interior design, and contrasting white with black furnishings can create a chic design style. Besides, you can incorporate this bold and minimalistic vibe in virtually any type of décor.

Welcome Nature Indoors

This season's design approach emphasizes eco-friendliness as homeowners continue to include natural elements to create warm tones. In fact, interior décor features made of authentic or faux natural materials are highly in demand as they add a natural look to your interior space. Natural wood tones are also perfect for kitchen countertops, cabinets, flooring, and accent features. For a different feel and texture, you can also use natural stones, such as marble, pebble, and granite, which add a natural feel to your interior. To further promote environmental sustainability, designers and property owners are embracing the use of handcrafted goods made from recycled materials because they are not only aesthetically appealing, but also create an eco-friendly design.

Bold Ceiling Décor

Another entrant in the current design trend season is statement ceilings. Unlike traditional white ceilings, statement ceilings add a bold character to your home's interior with their eccentric colors and patterns, painted art, mirror fixtures, etc. Although a statement ceiling may seem too flashy, it gives a new dimension to your living room with an attractive, fun, and quirky look.

The Most Popular Colors in California Casual Style

If you want to achieve California Casual décor style, the features, elements, and their colors should be well incorporated into the overall design. Some of the most popular colors in this interior design trend include:

Neutral Color Palette

A key characteristic of California Casual is minimalism, and one crucial element that brings out such an atmosphere is a neutral color palette. That's not to imply that your interior should appear drab or dull, but you should only focus on using a few critical colors throughout the interior. White, grey, beige, and cream are excellent choices for large pieces of furniture and walls. You can then add pops of color with smaller accent pieces and accessories. You'll also find the color black in most California Casual homes, as the color creates a bit of contrast and visual appeal.

Caramel and Black-Leather Furniture

Caramel and black furniture are a great hack for anyone who wants to create California casual décor in their home. It's one of the elements that exude the "California cool" vibe associated with the décor style, and you can pair the colors with nearly any type of home decor. Whether you choose caramel or black furniture narrows down to personal preference. Caramel leather has a warm and inviting look that gives your interior a tinge of coziness, while black leather is bold and sleeker, providing modern aesthetics. Generally, it would be best if you made your decision based on what best complements the living space and the overall look you're going for. Regardless of your choice, you can mix various furniture pieces to have an all-rounded look. A couch, chair, and loveseat are all great options to add extra seating. Additionally, remember to include accent pieces like coffee tables and coastal ottomans to tie the whole room together and give it a refined look.

White Walls

One hassle-free way to create a light and airy interior is to paint the walls white. White reflects natural light, illuminating the entire space and making it look more spacious. White also offers a clean canvas that you can creatively personalize using wall art, shelving, and other décor elements. It would be best to choose matte white paint with a cool, crisp shade to create a calming atmosphere that helps you relax after a tiring day at work. If you're concerned about your white walls becoming easily soiled, there's also washable white paint that can be easily cleaned using a moist cloth.

Black Lighting Fixtures

Installing black lighting fixtures is another way to achieve California Casual interior décor. Black sconces lamps, and other indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures easily help you bring a feeling of cohesion and sophistication to your own home. It's crucial to consider factors such as style and function when shopping for a black light fixture. For example, suppose you choose black leather furniture; in that case, black lamps can complement those pieces of furniture for a truly cohesive look.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is an integral element in the California Casual design because it comes in a wide range of colors, including neutral tinges. Typically, rattan is a type of wood, usually used to create wicker furniture. It has a natural, unfinished appearance that integrates a casual character into your California-style interior. When purchasing rattan furniture, keep it simple and neutral in color. Also, keep in mind that you want to deviate from the o create a mid-century modern design to an eclectic interior design trend of traditional nouveau. So, choose antique rattan furniture with a modern twist to achieve the laid-back vibe you're striving for and ensure that your rattan sofa or armchair is comfortable and inviting.

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